Chapter 13

October 6, 2020

As coordinators, there is nothing we want more than to make sure that all of our couple’s days go as smooth as possible.  We encourage our couples to share the time line we work on together with their vendors to ensure that everyone is operating on the same schedule. One thing that helps with that is talking with vendors about some of the following questions.

Things to talk with your Photographer About

chapter 13.jpg

Do you and your fiancé want to do a first look?

This is a good question to ask so you can figure out your start time not only with your photographer and coordinator but with your hair and makeup artists as well as any transportation.

Are you going to do a fun exit?

 This is an important question to know the answer to so you can determine how long of a package you need with them.  The last thing you want is to pay for a 6-hour long package and then they leave before you get to do that LED Wand Exit!

Will your photographer have a second shooter?

Second shooters can be good because they can do many things including speed up the picture taking process as well as providing a second angle.  This is also a good thing to know so you can include them in your vendor meal count.


Make sure you go over a list of pictures you want taken the day of.

Some couples want formal family shots, some couples want strictly candid’s, and some want ALL the pictures.  Either way make sure you talk with them about all the memories you want captured.

Mark + Rodney toasts.jpg

Things to talk with your DJ about

Will they do your ceremony music?

A good thing to talk with your DJ about is who is walking down the aisle, what song they will be walking to, and where they are in the lineup.  This ensures no confusion on the day of your wedding.  Giving them a list of songs to play for any special dances, introductions, and/ or other songs you definitely want to hear is very helpful.

Do you want to do introductions? Wedding Party or just the Newlyweds?

Make sure to go over the introduction order with your DJ so they or the coordinator can get everyone lined up appropriately.

Do you want a special song for your cake cutting?

Do you want a specific song for bouquet/ garter toss?

Are you okay with song requests?

Some couples have a set list of songs and do not want to deviate from that however some couples let guests request songs as a way for the couple to let guests be a part of the night.

Make sure you go over any songs you DON’T want to hear.


That way if a guest does request a song, the DJ knows not to play it (i.e. the chicken dance, the macarena, or the YMCA lol).


Last but not least you want to go over toasts with your DJ.


You want to go over with your DJ who is toasting and in what order they will be going in, this makes for a seamless transition.  We suggest that there are no more than 4 people toasting and that their toasts are 2-3 minutes.  You also want to discuss with them if you as a couple are okay with an open mic for anybody to do a toast or if you would like your DJ to ensure that only the people that you have discussed are toasting.

Well we hope this was helpful!

xo, The Celebrations Team

Color Street Nails

June 5, 2020

#12 getting married.jpg

Do you love how long gel nails last?  Are you over the hassle of getting them removed?  Do you hate how your nails look after?

Listen up ladies!  We have got a scoop for you, Color Street Nail Strips.  They are 100% nail polish that require no dry time, can last up to 3 weeks, and come off with any drug store nail polish remover!  They give you salon-quality manicure in less than 10 minutes plus they are a third of the cost of getting gel nails done at a salon!

These nail strips are not only great for any occasion but especially for wedding day.  They are super simple to put on and even make great bridesmaids gifts!

Here are some of our favorite top looks…

Caribbean Coral

#12 caribbean coral.jpg

… is a great color to add to any summer time wedding, it gives an extra pop to that neutral bridesmaids dress!

Giza Sands

#12 giza sands.jpg

Manchester Mauve

We love a good neutral and Color Street has got them! You can’t go wrong with these two classic colors.

#12 manchester mauve.jpg

Tokyo Lights

#12 tokyo lights.jpg

Glitter can be a fun way to add a little something extra to your look.  Plus you can always add just one to each hand for a statement nail!

At the Plaza

#12 at the plaza.jpg

Is glitter too much for you?  Don’t worry Color Street has also got some stunning shimmers and this one is a personal fave!

Coming Up Roses

#12 coming up roses.jpg

Dripping in Diamonds

These fabulous ombre glitters are a twist on a French manicure.  They provide a great balance of traditional and fun!

#12 dripping in diamonds.jpg

Celebrations Staff wears Color Street

#12 christina, toby, laura.jpg

Christina (left) is wearing At the Plaza, Toby (middle) is sporting Coming Up Roses, and Laura (right) has their French Manicure.  We love wearing our nail strips here at work and we hope our brides will too!

Talk soon! xo, Celebrations Staff

#12 brochure.png
#12 brochure pic.png

Request A Sample!


*** all pictures came from Color Street Website or were provided by a Color Street Stylist ***

Chapter 11: Centerpiece Inspiration

May 1, 2020

Centerpieces can be intimidating because they are the “center of attention” during dinner. Your guests are sitting around the table and smack in the middle of everything is your centerpiece. You want them to represent your “overall theme” whether it’s just colors or a true theme like travel or you just want something simple.  We have got it all!


#11 simple.jpg

You don’t have to go all out to be trendy.  These few touches of gold with the greenery and succulents are simple yet totally up to date.

#11 classic.jpg
#11 modern.jpg

The white table cloth gives and amazing contrast to this moss centerpiece with taper candles which gives us woodland fairy vibes and we love it. 

A black and white theme is always classic and chic.  The menu adds a little something extra! This table gives us 20s vibes with a twist of modern. 

#11 sustainable.jpg

We touched on this in our last post but these centerpieces are in pots making this a sustainable option for our eco-conscious brides! 

Simple Glam
#11 glam 1.jpg
#11 classic.jpg

A simple bouquet with a table number is always a classic! And that’s all we have to say about that.  

Modern Glam
#11 glam 2.jpg

What is more modern glam than black table cloths and sparkly runners!  These glass and black terrariums just add to the amazing color scheme.

These tall centerpieces are oh so glam!  The height on these babies really lets your guests see each other while having dinner.

#11 romantic 1.jpg
#11 romantic 2.jpg

Between the twinkle lights, chandeliers, and soft centerpieces this will make you want a tented reception.  The flower petals sprinkled around the simple bouquet with tea lights, what more could you want!

Here is another romantic style with a trendy twist.  The greenery down the center of these tables is so in right now.  We love how this bride added multiple small vases with just a couple of colored flowers in each.  Adding the tiny gold votives with these chargers is so elegant.

Colorful Rustic
#11 rustic 1.jpg

How cute is this!  The pink and blue vases bring some color to the white linen.  The blue hydrangea gives some texture and the taper candle adds height, making for an elegant rustic feel.

#11 spring.jpg
Simple Rustic
#11 rustic 2.jpg

We’ve said already but we’ll say it louder for the people in the back that simple is okay!  A mason jar filled with hydrangea on top of a single wood cookie makes for the perfect rustic touch in the spring.

#11 color.png

More color! Since we offer complimentary white linens this bride chose to bring in color through pink vases scattered around the square table, along with pink flowers.  We love that she added different shades of pinks for her napkins.

The outside is coming in with these amazing floral centerpieces which scream Spring between the magnificent colors of all the different flowers and light teal runners.

#11 simple winter.jpg

Christmas + your wedding = the most wonderful time of the year!  These beautiful burlap runners with our silver lanterns surrounded by wreaths makes a simple yet gorgeous centerpiece.  Peep the Christmas tree in the corner.

#11 winter classic.jpg

Here’s a winter centerpiece that has more of a simple feel.  We feel that the greenery surrounding our white lantern with fairy lights inside plus votives create a romantic atmosphere. 

#11 lanterns 1.jpg

We have nine different lanterns our brides can rent from us! We love how these brides chose to have florals cascading out of the lanterns!

#11 lanterns 2.jpg

We hope this inspires our brides and sparks some ideas!  We cannot wait to see what all the different centerpieces you come up!

Talk soon! xo, Celebrations Team

Chapter 10: Top Five Trends in 2020

April 1, 2020

Love Trends? Want your wedding to be modern and fun? Listen up ladies, we are talking how to incorporate the latest and greatest trends and how you can apply them to your wedding here at Celebrations.

rachel and stephen bridesmaids.jpg
1. Bold Colors

Bold Colors are going to be big in 2020, especially blues and greens.  People are embracing rich, saturated colors and we are here for it!  We are seeing lots of blue bridesmaids dresses and blue suits!  Brides always love to make a statement and color is a great way to do that.

ch 10 sustainability.webp
2. Sustainability

This isn't such much a trend as it is a movement.  This year brides are keeping the roots on the flowers and re-planting them in their own gardens or letting guests take them as favors to plant at their houses as well.  Not only is this great sustainability but think how cute it will be to see your wedding flowers every time you pull up to your house!

3. Statement Decor

This is so fun! Statement decor can be anything you want from greenery walls to macrame lanterns to over-sized floral centerpieces.  RVA Wedding Knots can do customized macrame for your wedding, how cool is that? We love that every bride has a different vision. we can't wait to see what you do!

blog #10.jpg
4. Personalized Stationery

This trend is re-occurring, so we think it's here to stay.  Personalized stationery is a great way to let your personality shine! It can be a great depiction of the couple's style but it can also give your guests a sneak peek into what your wedding is going to look like.

blog #10 cinderella.png
5. Non-Traditional Wedding Gowns

Last but certainly not least is wedding gowns.  Lily Collins starred in the live-action version of Cinderella and her wedding dress has served for many brides' wedding gown goals.  Pops of colors and elaborate appliques are the latest trends.  Our brides are gorgeous no matter what but we cannot wait to see if any of them are this daring!

Talk soon! xo Celebrations Team

Chapter 9: Videographer captures Demogorgon

July 8, 2019

#9 intro.jpg

The wedding industry has about as many elements as the newest season of Stanger Things.  What heat is to removing Demogorgon's from bodies - videographers are to capturing wedding day bliss.  Aka, IMPORTANT.  If I lost you, please, enlighten yourself with this binge-worthy Netflix hit.  Intrigues in hearing more reason to hire a videographer for the big day? Continue reading.

Biggest determining question that comes into play when deciding to hire a videographer: budget.

Like many integral wedding vendors, they can be expensive.  They create a product that encapsulates one of the most important days in a couple's life; which validates the cost of this quality component.  If it's too much of a stretch to hire a videographer, totally understandable.  Most of the couples I work with don't have onw.  There is no shame in re-living the day through snap chat video roll.  It is 2019, after all.

However, if you are able to cover the expense, do it.  Here's why:

#9 polaroid.jpg
Remembering Details (Particularly Toasts & First Dances)

Being able to watch your wedding video is like getting to experience your own wedding as a guest.  I have been helping plan and coordinate weddings for a year now, and toasts will forever be my favorite moment of the night. They grasp the story of the couple through hilarious memories, sentimental words and genuine emotion. The words from toasts and vows can always be preserved on paper but don’t compare to seeing the delivery. Watching your first dance or when Uncle Jim roasts the groom can be a special way to share an anniversary or make a typical Thursday night a little more romantic.  

Accommodating Friends Near & Far

Hiring a videographer is a great way to allow those who were unable to attend to experience your wedding. This is especially beneficial for couples who have a smaller guest count or a destination wedding where inviting everyone isn’t an option. From the flush on a bride’s face as she anxiously places her veil, to the flower girl throwing out rose petals, to the moment the newlyweds smash cake in one another’s faces—all moments can be easily shared to your friends from college you didn’t have the budget for but want to keep them included.

Variety of Vendors

The wedding industry has grown significantly in the last decade. There are more details and DIY Wedding Pinterest boards than ever. This can seem overwhelming at times; however, it can also function as a blank canvas with unlimited amounts of color and paint to create a wedding Mona Lisa. With that said, there are a lot of moving pieces. All it takes is a curious mindset, a leap of faith and a budget.

Society has become obsessed with the resources and creativity that goes into putting on a production of this caliber, henceforth why I became a wedding planner in the first place. From finding the perfect dress, to hotel accommodations to make-up and hair—there are so many options for finding the right vendor to be a piece to the day; videographers are no exception.

Research is key when searching for videographers. Components like venue, guest count and personal connection with the vendor are things to consider when reaching out to videographers. You want to make sure they are trustworthy and communicative so they know what you are envisioning.

For those now interested and looking, we have a few preferred Videographer vendors we use at Celebrations. They are listed below and have done incredible work and are known amongst our staff.

Until next time, xo Syndal Haun

Chapter 8: Wedding Nails Finessed 

May 15, 2019

What do all wedding photos and memories have in common? Attention to detail. Everything from a special hair pin to the invitations hold significant meaning to the couple and overall presentation of the day. Another element that is bound to show up in many wedding photos? Wedding nails! With many trending nail styles and Pinterest boards to pull inspiration from, here are some general tips and popular trends to NAIL your wedding vision. See what I did there…

Okay first, don’t step out of your comfort zone when it comes to length. No bride wants to feel like they can’t pick up anything and fumble their way through cocktail hour. If you want long nails for your wedding, try them out two weeks in advance to acclimate.

Next, before selecting your color of choice, test it out in different lighting. A color in fluorescent lighting can be an entirely different color in the sunlight. It’s always good to make sure you enjoy the color in both settings.
Lastly, bring the bottle of nail polish with you to your venue in case you need an emergency touch up. The last thing you need to be worrying about is a chipped pinky nail. Honestly, no one else would probably notice, but for your sake, have it with you for peace of mind.

Now, let’s talk trends.

#8 french ombre.png
French Ombre

This is such a fun twist on a classic look. It’s simple but not boring; subtle but elegant. This hot trend also pairs well with any color scheme, so you can’t go wrong.

#8 pops of color.png

As a bride, you are already the star of the show, so you might as well SHINE. Chrome nails are eye catching and can be done in any color. If you’re afraid of blinding your guests with your nails, consider using chrome for a few accent nails.

#8 texture.png
Bling out the Classics

This trend allows for a great way to keep it simple without feeling blasé. Add a few rhinestones to a neutral shade or slap on a glitter topcoat. This is also something you can easily do at home!

Pops of Color

A bride’s “something blue” momento can be anything- nails included! Don’t be afraid to stray from tradition. If it’s the color you want on your nails for your wedding, it’s officially a wedding nail color!

#8 chrome.png

This is becoming a trendy look for all occasions. Don’t be afraid to try nails with texture! It can look intimidating at first, but technically, you only need every single piece of applique to stay on until the big day is over. Your wedding is the perfect excuse to justify trying nails you normally wouldn’t, as long as you are comfortable. And yes, nails like these can be considered accessories.

#8 bling out the classics.png

You have the right to be as extra or as traditional as you want! Just remember that your choice will live on forever in your wedding photos, so don’t brush it off as an unimportant detail just because it’s something so small. Embrace the trends and finesse whatever look feels uniquely yours.

Until next time, xo Syndal Haun

Chapter 7: Bridesmaids as Fine as Wine

April 9, 2019

Bridesmaids play an integral role in a bride’s wedding experience. The time, planning, money, long nights spent on DIY projects and overall emotional support of bridesmaids can ease tension and day-of nerves. It’s important to keep the spotlight on the bride, of course, but equally as important to make sure the bridal party also feels beautiful.

So brides, keep this in mind when deciding what bridesmaids dress color will flatter them while giving your wedding a clean, cohesive aesthetic. Is the decision stressing you out? Let’s talk wine. Pour a glass and consider these wine-inspired colors for your lovely ladies.

#7 wine glasses.png
#7 blush.png

Any leading lady will be looking pretty in pink wearing blush gowns. This flattering and feminine shade looks great and goes well with any color scheme. Blush brings out the natural flush in your face no matter the skin tone and has a simplistic finish that adds a special POP to make-up, jewelry and accessories.

Cabernet Sauvignon
#7 cab sav.png

A bold, rich burgundy is a romantic color that will instantly evoke the feeling of love in the air. Generally, more saturated colors work best on a variety of skin tones, so this color will ensure everyone feeling beautiful. This color also stands out beautifully next to a glowing bride, particularly with an autumn landscape in the background.  

#7 champagene.png

Champagne-colored dresses are timeless and neutral. They have a sophisticated look that pairs well with any venue and easily accessorized to let each lady add a bit of their own flair. Champagne gowns tend to look good on everyone, meaning there will be less complaining and more champagne-ing, as most people will not have an issue wearing this color.

#7 malbec.png

We’re talking full-bodied purple, eggplant realness. Another very saturated color to flatter an array of skin tones, while illuminating the bride in stark contrast.

Ultimately, nobody knows the vision for a wedding better than the couple. Asking loved ones to be part of a wedding is an honor in itself, so at the end of the day as long as a gown or dress or tux brings joy, all parties involved will rock that ensemble with a smile.

If you are a bride who is having difficulty deciding on a dress or style for your bridesmaids, we hope these wine-inspired options find you with optimism. On behalf of the team of Celebrations, we love a tall glass of wine every now and then… sometimes you can’t go wrong with vino aesthetics.

Until next time! xo Syndal Haun

Chapter 6: Origins of Wedding Traditions

February 23, 2019

#6 intro.png

Everyone knows the popular wedding traditions and superstitions, but have you ever considered where they came from? Many couples embrace them because it’s custom, but what we often neglect to realize is some of these common traditions have very literal and unique backstories.

Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

The tradition of bridesmaids wearing matching gowns dates all the way back to Roman times, during which people believed evil spirits would attend the wedding in attempt to curse the bride and groom. So not only did the bridesmaids match each other, but they would dress exactly like the bride in attempt to outsmart the spirits and keep them from figuring out which woman in the group was getting married. Nowadays, heaven forbid anyone else wear white to YOUR wedding, let alone the same dress!

"Tying the Knot"

Most people don’t question the phrase “tying the knot,” because it makes sense in terms of marriage. What people don’t know is that back in Roman times, a common custom was to quite literally tie the bride and groom’s hands together during the ceremony. The couple could not be released from this knot until their marriage was official. This is a tradition practiced in many cultures around the world — including Celtic, Hindu and Egyptian weddings to symbolize the couple’s commitment to each other and their new bond.

Tying Cans to the Newlyweds Bumper

The tradition of cans tied to the bumper arose from the French custom of “charivari,” which was a celebration that took place on the night before the wedding. Friends and family of the betrothed would walk down the streets banging pots and pans to make as much noise as possible throughout the village in an effort to scare away evil spirits. The clanging noise of the cans tied to a bumper mimic the sounds of the charivari, but allow for much more beauty sleep on the night prior to your big day.

The Best Man

Back in the day, being someone’s college roommate was not enough to qualify for the position of best man. Being the best man entailed being the strongest and most capable companion when it came to using a sword to fight off enemies during the ceremony. Also, the best man was in charge of making sure the bride didn’t escape or get snatched away by her disapproving parents. So, for all the best men out there sweating the toast they’re expected to give at the wedding, you got off easy compared to best men in the past.

The Kiss

The classic line, “you may now kiss the bride” arose from a custom in which the priest gives a holy “kiss of peace” to the groom, who would then pass the kiss on to the bride. This was done to bless the marriage inside of the church. If this bit of information causes you to picture the priest kissing your groom during your ceremony, I’m terribly sorry.

The First Look

So why exactly is it considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony? This tradition came from arranged marriages, where it was believed that if a bride and groom met each other prior to the big day, it would give them time to call off the wedding if they didn’t like what they saw. Nowadays, chances are your sweetheart has seen you on your too-tired-to-care days (sweatpants, messy bun, you know the look) so it’ll be much harder to scare them off.

The Ring Finger

Out of ten fingers, all perfectly capable of wearing rings, why was the fourth finger on the left hand designated the ring finger?  It was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart. The myth has since been debunked, but the tradition lives on.

Regardless of the bizarre roots of these traditions, they are still fun and aren’t going away any time soon! I think we can all feel grateful that they have become more reasonable with time, and that those wedding-crasher spirits must have found something better to do.

Until next time, xo Syndal Haun

Chapter 5: Desserts Galore

January 30, 2019

#5 intro.jpg

A special part of our job at Celebrations is coordinating key elements to create weddings that fit uniquely to couples’ personalities, while also indulging in their personal styles and delicacies.

Couples want to make their wedding as personal and customized to their love story as possible, including their choice of dessert. In today's wedding culture there are more options than ever for dessert, and it has been a real TREAT to witness this evolution.  

Here are a few of our favorite dessert ideas with mentions of preferred vendors that bring these delights to life.  

Wedding Cakes with a Twist

#5 black background.jpg

Many times couples still want to do somewhat of a traditional cake cutting ceremony, while still having their own personal twist. Playing with color, texture or overall design is a great way to do this. Picking the right vendor to match your vision and aesthetic is key.

#5 mini cakes.jpg

Vendor: Delectable Desserts - Artistic Cakes by Chris & Anne


#5 dessert bar.jpg

Yes, yes and yes.
Bite-sized, minimal mess, display looks amazing AND there are endless options for flavors and themes; cupcakes are making a name for themselves in the wedding world.

Vendor: Pearl's Bake Shoppe & Shyndigz

Dessert Bar

A little bit of everything- check!
When a bride and groom are undecided or want different treats, this is a perfect option. Not to mention, if guest counts includes people with dietary restrictions, having a dessert bar is a fun way to accommodate all.

#5 cake in manor house.jpg

Vendor: Sweet Fix, Carytown Cupcakes, and Baker's Kitchen

Until next time, xo Syndal Haun

Chapter 4: Brides on a Budget

December 30, 2018

#4 intro.jpg

Many couples stick to a strict budget when it comes to wedding planning. They pick four to five elements to allocate majority of funds on, and then frugally go through the motions until the big day arrives. However, in a world of Pinterest DIY’s, royal weddings and floral backdrops; it is easy to lose track of financial reality.

Here are a few ways brides on a budget can cut costs while still executing wedding day bliss:

Cut your guest count

Many couples don’t realize how much money they save on cutting their guest count. Keeping it intimate by only inviting family and close friends saves a drastic amount of money on food, beverages and other resources (tables, decor, etc.) Not to mention, it allows the bride and groom to spend more quality time with those that are there while still absorbing the moment. It may be difficult to not include everyone, but don’t forget this is YOUR day. No one else’s.   

#4 landing.jpg

Toss the Favors

More recently we have noticed wedding favors losing popularity. While favors deem significant meaning to some, most couples look at wedding favors as something they “should” do. Unless it is an absolute must, don’t fund the favors. That keychain or wine glass with your name on it could potentially be forgotten at the venue or never picked up during cocktail hour. Use that money on something more meaningful, such as your bridal gown, or save it.

Day After Brunch - Nope 

Of course, this is a great gesture if your budget allows; maybe your family or friends have traveled far and wide to see you exchange vows and this allows more quality time with them. But if you are already financially strapped- kick this idea to the curb. You will already be serving your guests plenty of food and drinks and with a smaller guest count, you are able to make your rounds encompassing quality conversations and memories.

DIY in Moderation

Do it yourself crafts can add significant personality and charm to your wedding. No doubt about it. However, in today’s Pinterest board world where kudos are thrown around like confetti to anyone with the best DIY wedding projects, it can add a lot of pressure to any bride. Be moderate with your DIY vision. Focus on two to three DIY projects for your wedding that will make a big effect and then LET IT GO. Ask a few friends or family members to help you in executing these projects and don’t take on too much alone. That is how a bride can become very burnt out and spend more on useless craft supplies than expected. Remember this day is about you and your spouse, not your Pinterest feed.

#4 cake.jpg
#4 dress.jpg

Until next time, xo Syndal Haun

Chapter 3: Q & A

December 23, 2018

#3 intro.jpg

Q&A—Christina Meyer

As someone who has been working in the wedding industry since graduating college, Christina Meyer, a lead event coordinator and wedding planner at Celebrations at the Reservoir, is a fundamental piece in the company’s success.

Christina has been planning weddings for eight years, but this past weekend was a wedding especially unique. One of the most significant weddings she has planned thus far: her own.

The following is a Q&A detailing a few elements of her wedding planning process, the insights she has gained from her work experience and how it has all impacted her own wedding vision.

How many weddings have you planned?
“At least 100 per year.. and this is my 8th year.. so at least 850? Wow that’s crazy.”

What is the best part of what you do?
“Honestly, the co workers I get to plan with are the best part. We are such a team here and the visions we bring to life every weekend are incredible.”   

Is it hard to separate work/life balance when constantly catering to brides and families?
“I have learned to completely take Mondays off for self-care and to recharge for the upcoming week. I also make sure to plan date nights.”

Are plus ones necessary?
“It depends how long they’ve been dating, or, it depends on how close you are with that person. So if it’s a bridesmaid with a boyfriend, I would include her invitation with a plus one.”

How did you feel once you were engaged and it was time to start planning your own wedding? What did you do first?
“I was so excited. I immediately booked all of my vendors, I know who I love from working in this industry which is great.. and I really just soaked in the moment of being cute and engaged. Two months ago is when I really went into planning mode for my own wedding day (laughing) that sounds bad but I had to get through the rest of wedding season before thinking about my own.”

Why did you pick to have your own wedding at Celebrations at the Reservoir (the place you work)?
“I couldn’t imagine it anywhere else. This is my second home and the staff here is my family.”

Band or DJ?
“Live music during ceremony and DJ for dancing and reception.”

Has being a wedding planner made it easy to envision your own wedding?  
“No, it has not. I have seen so many different and beautiful options: from outdoor waterfront BBQ’s to elegant black tie affairs, I have seen and loved it all, so I did have a hard time nailing down my aesthetic. But, in the end, I went with a theme I love: winter wonderland. I wanted to feel like a Christmas bride.”

Last minute advice for brides that you were happy to hear on your big day?
“Take it in because it goes so fast and good God, don’t sweat the small stuff.”


And a Christmas bride, she was.

#3 Christina.jpg

Until next time, xo Syndal Haun

Chapter 2: Wedding Safety Tips

December 19, 2018

#2 fall leaves intro.jpg

Most days at Celebrations, or any wedding venue, are days of productivity. Some days are short; a matter of finalizing details and answering last minute questions. Other days are long; very, very long. Working tirelessly to execute every idea, vision, and unique request in the best way to reach our ultimate goal: wedding day bliss.

The moment when two hearts are vowed to become one. Where tears are shed, champagne is popped and memories are made.

At Celebrations, we don’t promise to make one of the most important days come to life, we fight for it.

But like the weather, there are some things that go beyond our control. There are some things that put a damper on a big day no matter how many check lists we knock out. And as detrimental as a hurricane can be on a wedding, so can crime.

Unfortunately, our venue has recently fallen victim to theft. Our owners are taking the necessary precautions to prevent future incidents by installing additional security cameras throughout the property and doubling up on security officers during events. In addition to these measures, we also wanted to highlight a few tips on preventing theft from happening to our guests and wedding parties:

1. Keep Personal Belongings in Your Possession 

This may be a no-brainer, but it is very easy to leave a purse or valuable item out of sight while you go to say hello to a loved one or use the restroom. This offers a perfect opportunity for theft. Having a satchel or body bag and keeping things in your pockets at all times is highly recommended.

2. Lock Vehicles

Sadly, having possessions in a locked car isn’t enough precaution these days. We suggest keeping purses or electronics hidden minimizing opportunities of break-in.

3. Locked Card Box

We recommend bride and groom bring a box for cards that LOCKS and can only be opened with a key once the event is over.

4. Guest Book and Gift Table Attendant

This is a person that is trustworthy and can keep an eye on the gifts and card table throughout the night. This person can also welcome in guests, show them where the guestbook is and then point them in the direction of the ceremony. They serve as a sense of security while also adding flow to the beginning of the event.

5. Fire Hazards

An obvious sentiment, but a reminder to be mindful of fire pits, candle decor and proper use of sparklers.

#2 sparklers.jpg

All in all, we hope these tips and enforcing more necessary precautions add to overall safety and enjoyment for more weddings and events to come at Celebrations.

Celebrations Staff

Chapter 1: Top 5 Fall Wedding Trends

October 31, 2018

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Here at Celebrations, it is no surprise that one of our busiest months for weddings is October. A month that encompasses Virginia’s beautiful fall foliage and brings cozy wedding trends. We have seen everything from DIY apple cider stations to barrels filled with blankets for outdoor ceremonies, but here are our top five faves from this season:


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These orange, white (sometimes burgundy- you never know) accents don’t just serve a purpose on front porches or stoops, but make a wedding decor staple. Whether they are centerpieces or simply staged around florals, they add significant fall aesthetic.

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As set-up coordinator I have come hand-in-hand (literally) with this fall trend. Celebrations allows rental pieces for several decor options including a variation of lanterns. The simple black and white (medium-sized) lanterns have been a hot commodity this season for their classic ambiance in any indoor or outdoor site.

Autumn Florals

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Hues of yellow, rose gold and greenery. Simple touches of fall florals create a warm feel in many ways. We have seen cakes with rosy accents, tables covered in lush moss and gorgeous bouquets with pale autumn shades.

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Much like pumpkins, our fall brides have been specifically requesting Mums for wedding day. Particularly near ceremony archways, seating arrangements or next to DIY chalkboards- they add the perfect fall POP.

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Mashed Potato Bar 

This trend will be making you rethink your Keto diet. Bring on the sour cream and crock pots because this is a fall wedding trend that keeps guests happy while also being completely customizable.

We hope this has put you in a pumpkin spice mood ~  Stay tuned for more Celebrations wedding tidbits to come.

Until next time, xo Syndal Haun